Emily Dickinson: "Heaven" has different Signs - to me - S

&Quot;Heaven" has different Signs - to me -
Sometimes, I think that Noon
Is but a symbol of the Place -
And when again, at Dawn,
A mighty look runs round the World
And settles in the Hills -
An Awe if it should be like that
Upon the Ignorance steals -

The Orchard, when the Sun is on -
The Triumph of the Birds
When they together Victory make -
Some Carnivals of Clouds -

The Rapture of a finished Day
Returning to the West -
All these - remind us of the place
That Men call "Paradise" -

Itself be fairer - we suppose -
But how Ourself, shall be
Adorned, for a Superior Grace -
Not yet, our eyes can see.

Emily Dickinson

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